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Stancor Products

This page lists links to Installation Instructions for Stancor Product. Installation Instructions are in Adobe® PDF format.

Note: Adobe® Acrobat® Reader is required to view Installation Instructions.

Part Number

Instruction Sheets

Power Transformers
   Single Secondary P-
   Single Primary, Dual Secondaries P-
   Single Primary, Multiple Secondaries P-, PCA-
   Dual Primary, Dual Secondaries P-
   Rectifier Transformers RT-
      Rectifier Transformers - Terminal Connection Data
   Filter Chokes C-, TC-
   Power Transformer Outline Drawings
   P-6375, P-6376, P-6377, P-6378, P6379,
   P-8615, P-8616, P-8617, P-8618, P-8619
   P-8611, P-8612, P-8613, P-8671,
   P-8672, P-8673, P-8674
   P-8394, P-8395, P-8396, P-8397,
   P-8721, P-8722, P-8723
   P-8609 37-6874
   P-8361, P-8362, P-8364 37-6875
   P-8607 37-6878
   P-8601, P-8602, P-8667, P-8668,
   P-8669, P-8670
   P-8390, P-8391, P-8392, P-8393, P-8394,
   P-8657, P-8658, P-8659, P-8660
   P-8605 37-6889
   P-8578 37-6890
   P-8574 37-6891
   P-8575 37-6892
   P-8551, P-8694 37-6893
   P-8661, P-8621, P-8663, P-8664,
   P-8665, P-8666, P-8695
   P-5016, P-8380, P-8652, P-8653,
   P-8655, P-8656
   P-8559, P-8560, P-8604 37-6873
   P-8609 37-6874
Chassis Mount Power Transformers
   TransGlobal Transformer TGC-
   "Side-Winder" Transformer SWC-, DSWC
   TGC series 37-6608
   SWC/DSWC series 37-6500
Printed Circuit Transformers
   TransGlobal Printed Circuit Mount TG-
   "Low Boy" LB Series LB-
   "Side-Winder" SW/DSW Series SW-, DSW-
   Plug-In Printed Circuit Series PPC-
   TG series 37-6607
   PPC series 37-6171
   LB series 37-6168
   SW/DSW series 37-6156
Auto/Isolation Transformers
   Step-Down Transformers P-, GSD-
   Step-Up Transformers P-
   Isolation TransformersP-, GIS-, GISD-
   General Information
   International Adapter Plugs ADT-
   GISD series 37-6215
   P-6410, GIS series 37-6206
   P-6411, P-6412, P-6413 37-6216
   P-8637, P-8638, P-8639, P8640, P-8689 37-6205
   P-6287, P-8630, P-8631, P-8632,
   P-8634, GSD series
   P-8622 37-6884
Class 2 Transformers
   Class 2 Transformers 592-, T-
   592-9012, 592-9013, 592-9016,
   592-9017, 592-9018
   T40, T50, T60, T75 series 37-6609
   T-100-25C1, T100-25C2 37-6603
   T40-24  37-6848

Note: Adobe®Acrobat® Reader 5.0 is required to view installation instructions. Acrobat® Reader is available from Adobe's home page.
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