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Stancor Products

This page lists links to catalog pages for Stancor products and product information. Catalog pages are in Adobe® PDF format.

Note: Adobe® Acrobat® Reader is required to view catalog pages.

Power Transformers
   Single Secondary P-
   Single Primary, Dual Secondaries P-
   Single Primary, Multiple Secondaries P-, PCA-
   Dual Primary, Dual Secondaries P-
   Rectifier Transformers RT-
      Rectifier Transformers - Terminal Connection Data
   Filter Chokes C-, TC-
   Power Transformer Outline Drawings

Installation Instructions
Chassis Mount Power Transformers
   TransGlobal Transformer TGC-
   "Side-Winder" Transformer SWC-, DSWC
Installation Instructions
Impedance Matching Transformers
   Telephone Coupling TTPC-
   Miniature Encapsulated PCT-

Printed Circuit Transformers
   TransGlobal Printed Circuit Mount TG-
   "Low Boy" LB Series LB-
   "Side-Winder" SW/DSW Series SW-, DSW-
   Plug-In Printed Circuit Series PPC-

Installation Instructions
Power Sources Wall Plug-In/Desktop
   Domestic STA-, STAR-
   European STAF-
Auto/Isolation Transformers
   Step-Down Transformers P-, GSD-
   Step-Up Transformers P-
   Isolation TransformersP-, GIS-, GISD-
   General Information
Installation Instructions
Class 2 Transformers
   Class 2 Transformers 592-, T-
Installation Instructions
Disc Thermostats
   Snap Action Thermostats STC-, STO

Relays and Contactors
   D.C. Power Contactors
      Type 70
      Type 120
      Type 124
      Type 586
      Type 686
   General Purpose Relays 184-
   General Purpose Relays 91-
   A.C. Power Relays 129-
   A.C. Power Contactors 122-
   A.C. Power Contactors 154-

Quick Selection Guides
   Transformers and Power Supplies
   Relays and Contactors - AC Selection Guide
   Relays and Contactors - DC Selection Guide

   How To Select a D.C. Power Contactor
   Application Data Form

Part Number Index
Production Part Number /Catalog Part Number Cross-Reference
Basic Electrical Information
Electrical Symbols
Agency Marks

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